NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: ECO311 - Research Methodology

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NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: ECO311 - Research Methodology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:07 am

NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: ECO311 - Research Methodology

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Q1 _______ is a collection of interrelated concepts, like theory but not necessarily so well worked out

theoretical framework

Q2 _________ is a research structure around which an investigation on a phenomenon is built


Q3 the following are the roles conceptual framework play in research except

it makes research systematic

Q4 conceptual framework is also known as

analytical fra mework

Q5 which of the following is not a role played by theory in research

theories produces disturbance

Q6 a good theory posses the following except

logica l and competitive

Q7 A combination of more than one theory in a giving research is known as

theoretical trangulation

Q8 _______ is a statement of how and why specifi facts are related


Q9 _______ is defined as a quest for new knowledge pertinent to an identified interest or problem


Q10 the referncing style that is commonly used in most journals and higher learning is

APA style

Q11 In research information from relics to to forge ahead in development is ___

historical study

Q12 A study whereby the variable appears in it natural form is case of ___

ex-post factor study

Q13 Studies directed at unearthing the causes of falling health status in Nigeria is known as ___

action study

Q14 The involvement of empirical data to validate theories is called ___

pure research

Q15 A study that starts from nothing to adding to knowledge is ___

fundamental stu dy

Q16 Making research findings open to the public in a clear term is synonimous to ___

research report

Q17 Review of literature is required to validate research findings


Q18 The extraction of need information from raw data to form opinion is ___

analysis of data

Q19 In research methods, rating scales is one of the ways of ___

collecting information

Q20 Numbers of people to be involved in astudy is a subset of ___

research desgin

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Re: NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: ECO311 - Research Methodology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:10 am

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Q21 _________ is a situation where already documente information is pooled together for a study purpose

report approach

Q22 the process of direct watching or noting of a phenomenon in an on-going event is called


Q23 _______ is directly administered to the targeted audience by the researcher or the research assistance

questionn aires

Q24 ________ is the process in which answers to question in questionnaires are transformed into a form to be understood by computers


Q25 ________ are data that are generated within the confine of establishment themselves in the course of daily task

internal sources of data

Q26 one of the following is not a method of gathering secondary data

observat ion

Q27 which of the is not a method of gathering primary data


Q28 the two main sources of data in research is

primary and secondary

Q29 ________ are values of qualitative or quantitative variable belonging to a set of items


Q30 information is ________ when it is not countable or measurable


Q31 which of the following is not a sampling error

responsive error

Q32 _______ is used when accurate information about many sections of the population is required

survey census

Q33 _______ is another method of gathering information about the entire population

survey census

Q34 the enumeration of people in an area, locality, state and country is known as

population census

Q35 the two types of survey are

survey samples and census

Q36 _______ is a non-experimental and social scientific approach that studies large and small target population


Q37 samples are taken from the population by means of

survey, studies and inferences

Q38 ________ is a measure of relativity of variability

co-efficient of variat ion

Q39 calculate the standard deviation of the following X /22,/ 27/32/37/42/47/ F/ 4/6/15/20/9/5,


Q40 which of the following is not a kind of samples

quota sampling

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Re: NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: ECO311 - Research Methodology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:12 am

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Q41 Research hypotheses are tentative ___ to research problems


Q42 One importance of review of literature in research is ___

it directs focus of resea rch

Q43 Literature review in schorlaly write-ups mean ___

knowlegde about problem area

Q44 All except one is not the purpose of research in social sceiences

knowing future happen ings

Q45 In addition to Anaekwe's list of features of research, Best and Kahn mentioned others like ___


Q46 Social sciences research has all as its features except ___

it resolves plannin g and operational problems in business

Q47 Research in social sciences is significant because it ___

aids economic policy formulation

Q48 Fagboungbe's defination of research centres around ___

new ideas

Q49 In social Sciencies, research is more than ___

just searching fo r data

Q50 Reseaches should possess some elements of ___

scientific enquiries

Q51 __________ is not included in measure of dispersion


Q52 calculate the mean deviationgiven the scores of five students 20,12,10,14,and 24


Q53 calculate the harmonic mean of 5,7,8,and 9


Q54 which of the following is not a part of central tendency

histog ram

Q55 calculate the arithmetic mean given the score of five students 50, 46,55,60,60 and 35


Q56 the successive addition of individual frequencyas correspond to the class intervals

cumulative frequency

Q57 ________ allows summarization of volume of data into a form that brings out a distinct pattern in data

tabu lation

Q58 _________ is the extent to which a test is repeatable and yields consistent outcomes

reliability of desi gn

Q59 in research, validity can be described in two ways namely

validity of design and validity of measurement

Q60 the following are levels of measurement in research data except

cardinal leve l

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Re: NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: ECO311 - Research Methodology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:14 am

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Q61 empirical literature review that concentration on the emipirical question is also known as


Q62 which of the following is not a type of literature review

interrogativ e

Q63 the review of literature serve thefollowing purposes

provides a conceptual framework for the research
provide an integrated overview of the field of stud y
help establish a need for the research
---all of the above

Q64 in carrying out a research the important things to look out for are

gaps and methodology

Q65 in reviewing a literture, the two important things are

surname and date

Q66 indesigning chapter one of a project, which of the following is not included

theoretical review

Q67 a good research topicmust be the followimg except

must be farsightedness

Q68 the steps to be taken by researcher before taken a research topic include the followingexcept

start writing

Q69 the following are the guiding principles recommende by Ghosh (1992) except

submit the work

Q70 once a researcher has made-up his to embark on a research, the first thing to do is

select a topic on field

Q71 given that μ= 60, μ 􀳦?􀳦 60, n = 50 , X= 65 , 􀳦?? = 8 , calculate the Z score


Q72 when the population variance is unknown and the sample size is small then

n < 30

Q73 in test statistic the region of rejection is also known as

critical rejection

Q74 the two types of errors common in hypothesis testing are

Type I and II

Q75 oil industry in Nigeria does not support the econmic growth , what type of hypothesis testing is that

null hypothesis

Q76 which of the following is a condition in hypothesis testing

it should state an expected relationship betweentwo variables
it should have definite resources based on the theory
it should be testable
---all of the above

Q77 the advance reasons for sampling in research include the following except

cost ineffective

Q78 which of the following is not an element in non-probability sampling technique

systematic sampling

Q79 which of the following is not among the probability sampling techique

quota sam pling

Q80 the process of sampling entains the following execpt

eradicating of sampling frame

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