NOUN TMA Solutions: ESM345 - Applied Climatology

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NOUN TMA Solutions: ESM345 - Applied Climatology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:41 am

NOUN TMA Solutions: ESM345 - Applied Climatology

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Q1 The most commonly used analytical technique is________________

Regression analysis

Q2 Analytical techniques used by Economists to model weather does not include_________________

Gravimetry analysis

Q3 Econoclimate provides framework in ____________ terms for examining the complex relationship between weather and climate and human activities


Q4 The economic analysis of weather and climate has been observed to be difficult because

Problems relating to measurement and quantification
The dynamic nature of weather
The fact that the atmosphere is a common property resource
---All of options

Q5 Planting of trees to prevent soil erosion will reduce________________


Q6 What measure could be taken to avoid flooding in highly populated areas ______________________

Divert streams

Q7 Dykes and levees are flood prevention measures to keep ____________ from overflowing during high waters.

Rive rs

Q8 Which is not a negative effect of floods ___________________

Awareness of shortcom ing in planning

Q9 The recent flood at Lokoja that disrupted motor traffic flow to Abuja was caused by

Estuarine flood
Coastal flood
Muddy flood
---None of optio s

Q10 Which flood results from catastrophe___________________

Flood from col lapsed dam

Q11 The man-made factors that may cause flood include____________________

All time traffic snarl

Q12 Natural factor responsible for flood does not include______________________

Areas where annual rainfall is low

Q13 Floods are climatological phenomena not influenced by __________________

Land s ize

Q14 . A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges ________________


Q15 Environmental fallouts of drought may not include______________

Luxuriant plants

Q16 Which is not a drought mitigation measure _______________

Construction of dam

Q17 The social consequences of drought may include__________________


Q18 When drought is severe and continues over a long period_______________-may occur.

Fam ine

Q19 Which is not type of drought__________________

Geographical drought

Q20 Drought is the deficiency of _____________ over a prolonged period of time, usually a season or more.

Precipitati on

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Re: NOUN TMA Solutions: ESM345 - Applied Climatology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:43 am

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Q21 The areas of greatest acidity would be_________________

Areas with large concentraeion of industrialised plants
Areas under wind direction
---All of options

Q22 The effect of acid rain on food crops is minimized by the application of _____________ to replace lost nutrients

Lime and fertilizers

Q23 Acid rain has harmful effects on __________________

Aquati c animals
---All of options

Q24 Which is not a natural source of acidity in rain___________________

Power plant

Q25 Acid rain is mostly caused by human emission of_____________compounds which react in the atmosphere to produce acids.

Sulphur and nitrogen

Q26 Acid rain is rain or any other form of precipitation that has a pH value of_______________

5.0 - 5.5

Q27 Weather modification could be deliberate or________________

Inadv ertent

Q28 Purposeful weather modification by man is known as___________

Weather control

Q29 Pollution of the city air may result into__________________

Acid rain

Q30 Urban weather modification is characterised by all of the followings except_______________

Decrease rainfall

Q31 Which is not an example of stimulus used in cloud seeding________________

Rain catcher

Q32 Weather control activities do not include_________________

Erection of lev ees

Q33 Which is not a motivation for weather modification_____________________

To compete with nature

Q34 Which human activity is aimed at modifying weather__________________

---None of op tions

Q35 Weather modification is the term used to describe man􀳦??s attempts at influencing _____________


Q36 Of all forms of trasportation, the most vulnerable is perhaps_______________

Air transport

Q37 Weather and climate influence the 3 stages in building industry namely: design, construction and

Air condition ing

Q38 Variations in climate could lead to all of the followings except________________

Determine food intake of individuals

Q39 The ability of a society to 􀳦??bounce back􀳦?? when adversely affected by climatic impacts is termed its _____________

Resilien ce

Q40 The extent to which a society is susceptible to damage by climatic causes is termed ____________


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Re: NOUN TMA Solutions: ESM345 - Applied Climatology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:45 am

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Q41 The key variables in both weather and climate are________________

Temperature and precipitat ion

Q42 GHG is an acronym for________________

Greenhouse gas

Q43 Exreme climatic conditions such as drought, flood and rise in sea level may not lead

Applause for development

Q44 Lack of knowledge of weather and climate at construction sites may leads to______________

Delayed Performance

Q45 The type of materials used in building construction is important in any climate for_______________

Determining the nature of indoor climate
Determining wear and tear of building
Determing the cost
---A and B

Q46 In the humid tropics, windows should be________________ and on opposite walls


Q47 The aim of climate conditioning is to create_____________ in and around the building.

Suitable climate

Q48 Which is not a factor of stress to buildings_______________


Q49 The ideal location for a settlement will depend on __________________

Conducive Climate
Good drainage
Water supply
---All of options

Q50 The design of runaways may not take cognizance of ________________

Culture of the people

Q51 Weather information and forecast in aviation indutry is sine non qua to______________

Safety and efficienc y

Q52 Which of the followings is not a safety hazard to aircraft _________________


Q53 Icing poses a danger to aircraft in several ways except_______________

Ice cream is supplied

Q54 Convective weather causes _________________

Poor staff salary

Q55 According to Kulesa (2008), aviation accidents and incidents contribute about __________of all aviation accidents.

0.2 3

Q56 During the en route phase of flight____________ have a significant impact on fuel burn and on-time performance.

Jet-stream winds

Q57 Why may the aircraft be deiced or be painted atleast a day before departure ____________

To prevent snow

Q58 Weather conditions do not affect__________________

Counter paym ent

Q59 Where are most synoptic weather stations located ______________


Q60 Every phase of flight is affected by ___________

Passe ngers

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Re: NOUN TMA Solutions: ESM345 - Applied Climatology

Postby Jed » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:47 am

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Q61 Destruction of industrial infrastruture would be minimal during______________


Q62 Which of these activities is not weather dependent____________________

Gambl ing

Q63 Weather and climate is less prominent in which of the following tertiary activities______________

Long period of rest

Q64 The main problem hampering access to construction sites, spoiling newly finished surfaces and hindering drying is_____________


Q65 What is the most likely effect of weather and climate on open- cast mining in arid areas__________

Dust may clog machinery

Q66 The demand for ice cream, soft drinks, and beer is high in___________

Hot season

Q67 Which energy source is least affected by adverse weather_____________

Fossil fuel

Q68 During sahelian drought, which of these industries is most likely to close down ___________

Cotton ginnery

Q69 Which of these factors influencing location of indusry may not climate dependent ____________


Q70 Which of these agricultural operations is not facilitated by local climate___________

Agricultural tools

Q71 Most of Africa􀳦??s cattle population is found in the tse-tse fly free zones of the African___________

Savann a

Q72 . Climatic conditions determine the type, quantity, and ____________ of the available feed.


Q73 When animals are moved to climatic environments they are not used to, they generally

Fall below econom ic levels of production

Q74 Periodic outbreaks of pests and diseases are weather dependent. Crop losses due to insect pests in Nigeria have been estimated to be in order of_______________


Q75 The major weather phenomena that constitute hazards to agriculture are: frost, drought, hailstones and ______________

High win ds

Q76 The main climatic elements that affect crop production are the same as those influencing natural vegetation. These does not include______________

Ocean cu rrent

Q77 Clouds usually form when_________________

Air temperature reaches the dewpoint

Q78 What happens to the air mass at during the process of circulation _____________

Rise and form clo ud

Q79 The relationship between climate and agriculture does not include___________

Farmers' loan for agriculture

Q80 Applied climatology examines the effects of climate on______________ environment.

Biologic al
---All of th e options

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