2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Solutions: DAM382 - Information Systems Management

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Solutions: DAM382 - Information Systems Management

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Solutions: DAM382 - Information Systems Management


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All of these are provided by internet to overcome the barriers of traditional EDI EXCEPT
Answer: cheap bandwith

Which of these was not a barrier to traditional Electronic Data Interchange
Answer: data

The buying and selling of goods over the internet is known as
Answer: e-commerce

Which of these could be used to prevent hacking
Answer: firewall

The interception and reading of electronic message as they travel over communication networks is
Answer: sniffing

The major concern of the internet are except
Answer: accessibility

The technique of using advanced statistical techniques to explore data warehouses looking for previously unknown relationship in the data is called
Answer: data minning

The assumption of false identity and the execution of fraudulent transactions is known as
Answer: spoofing

A private network that uses Internet protocols and the public telecommunication system to securely share part of a business’s information is known as
Answer: extranet

What leads to the proliferation of websites
Answer: ease of creation

The weakness of internet in the supply chain integration is in —
Answer: less security

Which of these is the mst crucial enabler for distributing computing
Answer: communication

The activities of supply chain integration include the following EXCEPT
Answer: education

Which of these is the most expensive in the Inofrmation and Technology industry ?
Answer: bandwidth

One of these is not a knowledge-based activity
Answer: high volume of transaction

One of these is not a potential problem of e- business
Answer: accessibility

Which of these is not an advantage of e- business
Answer: lost of customer goodwill

Which of these operate on public key
Answer: rsa

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