NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: NSC311 - Nature of Nursing

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NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: NSC311 - Nature of Nursing

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NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: NSC311 - Nature of Nursing


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is a goal of therapeutic
Answer: to establish a relationship in which the patient feels free to express any concern

Personal state in which a person feels unhealthy is called
Answer: illness

The first supervisor of the Sisters of Charity was
Answer: louise de gras

is the first Nigerian Registrar of the
Nursing Council
Answer: adetoun barley

Florence Nightingale went to study with the Sisters of Charity in
Answer: 1953

Florence NightingaleVs thrusting forces include all except
Answer: education

Team nursing can be best described as
Answer: is practiced by teams of variously educated healthcare workers.

Who among the following nursing leader developed the first theory of nursing?
Answer: nightingale

Nonverbal communication can be describe as
Answer: the use of hand gestures to communicate with one another

All individuals must adapt to the following demands except
Answer: developing a negative self-concept

Goal setting occurs during which phase of the nursing process?
Answer: planning

The four major concepts in nursing theory are the
Answer: person, environment, nursing, health

The nurse questions a doctor’s order of Morphine sulfate 50 mg, IM for a client with pancreatitis. Which role of the nurse best fit the above scenario?
Answer: client advocate

Paying attention to a patientVs facial expressions is an example of which of the following?
Answer: non-verbal therapeutic communication

What should a nurse keep in mind when providing care to clients with varied cultural backgrounds?
Answer: generalizations about the behaviour of a particular group may be inaccurate.

Common nursing interventions that are carried out during the implementing phase are
Answer: all of the above

Which of the following is not true about the human needs?
Answer: needs should be followed exactly in accordance with their hierarchy

This patient care model works best when there are many patients but few nurses
Answer: functional nursing

funded a survey of nursing education,
popularly known as the Goldmark Report
Answer: rockefeller foundation

is the founder of the American Red
Answer: clara barton

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