2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ESM304 - Research Methods and Field Trip

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ESM304 - Research Methods and Field Trip

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2020_1 NOUN TMA Questions & Answers: ESM304 - Research Methods and Field Trip


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Research can be classified from perspectives
Answer: 2

The construction of a research tool is the
‭ ‬â€~practical’ step in carrying
out a study
Answer: first

The is definitely not the place to report
findings and, even though it is the final part of the dissertation.
Answer: literature

in environmental science is also
concerned with the development, examination, verification, and refinement of research methods,
Answer: pure research

Turk and Howard (1983) refer to this
summary as a as readers can
absorb information
Answer: map

Parsons and John (1980) stress that the
is essentially part of the logical
argument you are putting forward
Answer: introduction

The main emphasis in a study
is to discover or establish the existence of a relationship/
Answer: correlation research

include developing a sampling
technique that can be applied to a particular situation
Answer: pure research

should provide a clear idea of
what the research is about, what the major findings are, so that they can make an informed decision
Answer: absract

describe and explain in
detail the procedures that areuse in research
Answer: methodology

There are properties of data
Answer: 3

The must be interesting, so that it
encourages the reader to continue with the remaining part of the essay.
Answer: introduction

The cannot include every relevant
Answer: literature review

include lists of publications
that are relevant to the subject
Answer: bibliography

The concept of can be applied
to any aspect of the research process
Answer: validity

Data can always be transformed from
to ordinal to ratio but never the
other way
Answer: nominal

Spatial analysis also facilitates access to large
Answer: spatial databases

A may be classified as pure or
applied research
Answer: article

As a rule the should not be
carried out on the sample of study but on a similar environment
Answer: pilot survey

data provide the most
information since they are continuous and have metric properties
Answer: ratio level

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